The Effective Way to Capture Electronic Data

Summary: In the recently concluded press conference Dacima Software made all aware of the means of efficient capture of electronic data that they have recently introduced.

.Montreal, 6th January 2018: Dacima Software recently organized a press conference to make all aware about the various way of effective electronic data capture that they have introduced.


They are a flexible company who has the ability to develop state-of-art clinical software which enables one to solve important tactical and operational business challenges faced. They are able to do so as they have a highly diversified team which is integrated to serve any nature of challenges faced by their clients. Dacimasoftware.com offers on-site programmers who help clients to implement and adjust features according to necessities.


Their spoke person also explained their working nature which makes them able to deliver such efficient Clinical data management software for your use. They have formulated their work schedule into sections so that customer friendly software can be offered. They innovate, develop and execute the software so that effective electronic data capture can be done.


They explained that their innovation helps in the creation of software having features which enable to have cleaner data and have efficient study management and Offline EDC.


They also explained that having their electronic data capture software for clinical trials you can optimize data collection and have a streamlined process for managing those data. The software is so designed that you can access your data using a web browser from anywhere in the world.


Their developed software gives you the liberty to work from anywhere as you can easily access your data and use those for web based randomization clinical trial. Not only that the software can be used for patient registries, web surveys and more.


They have sufficient experience to execute projects of any nature. The 100 studies which are running give them ample opportunity to gain experience which they imply in their future projects.


The spoke person also intimated that they have included certain features in their software which makes it stand out from the rest. The designer module which they offer enables you to design electronic case report forms without having the help of any programmers. You can expect to have more design flexibility using their software than any other of such type. There is no requirement for any programming to be done to access the database. You can easily tailor your database; you can create next-generation user-friendly intuitive forms and adopt randomization options.


While having clear and clear data capture you can likewise perform a real-time validation check, enter data in offline mode, create a user and at the same time restrict the rights offered and have dynamic form activation. The easy access to your data allows you to have advanced data extraction and generate SPSS code.


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